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Welcome!   Will It Launch is committed to providing inventors the highest quality of assistance.    Inventing products for TV is the fastest, least expensive way an inventor can make money on a new product from concept stage to market ready production.   If your invention has limited sales history, we’re ready to add the fuel you need to see your product across the planet.

With W.I.L., you won’t waste time in some submissions black hole.    We review product submissions every day and will reply within a week with specific feedback so you can continue to improve.

Our experienced team of professionals will guide you through each phase of the journey.   We’re a team you can trust with experts you can count on for support at every step of a successful product launch.

If you have a market ready products, you’re ready to go …. Simply Submit Invention.
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Time is your most valuable resource. It is the great equalizer that limits us all. Use yours wisely and value that of others.

These blogs and videos are designed to help you reduce costs and maximize results, as you invent for the As Seen on TV

(ASOTV) category and test your products with Will It Launch?

Review this information:

    The ASOTV industry – Spam at Your Peril
    How To Earn $330,000 Inventing Products for TV
    Characteristics of Successful Products
    Before You Submit
    How To Submit Products For Review
    Make a “Wow” Demo Video That Sells
    What Happens After I Submit My Product?

Deeper Level Information:

    8 Kinds of Prototypes and When To Use Them
    I’m Afraid My Idea Will Be Stolen
    Sequence Counts
    Speed to Market
    The Value of Failed Tests
    Failed Crowd Funding?
    Crowd Funding Success = Watch Out


    Investors: Looking For A Smart Way To Earn Profits?
    Important Considerations When Manufacturing
    As Seen On TV (ASOTV) – Don’t Try This At Home
    O’l Faithful of As Seen On TV (ASOTV) – The 2-minute TV Test

Product Scouts – Begin Now

    What Is Product Scouting?
    Why Should I Become a Product Scout
    Register as a product scout here.

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