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We look forward to hearing from you at Will It Launch! If you have questions comments or concerns regarding our company or website please feel free to call or fill out the contact form below. If you would like to submit a product for our review please fill out the product description field.

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Seven Criteria of Successful As Seen On TV Products:

Unique  – Does your product do something different than anything else out in the marketplace? Will a consumer look at it and have a “wow” ; or “ah ha” moment? 

- DRTV buyers are impulse purchasers: If your product can solve an immediate problem, or improve a lifestyle, then they are more apt to buy. The bigger or more common the problem solved, the better!

Mass Appeal 
- Your product must be designed to a wide group of people.  Ideally every household will need one!

Product Pricing 
- Typically products $10-$100 at retail are considered good short-form DRTV items. Products that sell in this price range are more accessible to the masses and often impulse buys.

- The better the visual demonstration of the product, the greater the chance for success. Remember, the product is the star of the commercial and has to shine bright.

- What is the believability of your product/solution? The consumer must see the product as credible. If people don’t believe it will work as advertised then they will not buy.

Easily Explained 
- A consumer must be able to understand what the product does in a relatively short amount of time. The old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, is why DRTV can be so successful in selling your product.

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