Product Scout: Chris F.

The Fast and Easy Way to Trim Your Nails!  Trimming and filing your nails has never been easier.  Rotoclipper provides a smooth and even finish every time.  Learn More >>

Get Up and Go Cane

Product Scout: Brian M.

The first cane with a 2nd handle that pivots to give you a helping hand when sitting & standing!  Learn More >>

Magic Mesh

Inventor: Yoram J.

A Hands Free Screen Door!  Magic Mesh opens easily and magically snaps closed behind you.  Let in fresh air and keep annoying bugs out.
Learn More >>

My Fun Fish

Inventor: David T. and Craig W.

An aquarium that cleans itself with no cords, no batteries and no filter!  My Fun Fish uses patented hydrostatic equilibrium to trap waste at the bottom of the tank and flush it out in seconds!  It’s so easy, even kids can do it. Learn More >>

Windshield Wonder

Inventor: Bob R.

A uniquely designed pivoting, curved head conforms to any windshield letting you easily clean even the most narrow corners!  Windshield Wonder cleans with just water, simply slip on the microfiber cloth head, spritz with water and swipe.  It’s that easy. Learn More >>

Easy View XT

Inventor: Fritz M.

Easy View XT is a transparent sun visor that attaches to any car visor to cut sun and glare when driving.  Easy View XT diffuses light and glare letting you drive safely. Learn More >>

Jupiter Jack

Inventor: Jason B.

Jupiter Jack allows you to talk on your cell phone hands free while you drive, by instantly transforming a car stereo into a wireless speaker system. Learn More >>

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